My BEST YouTube Trick!


Youtube icon, my best youtube trick


The goal of any business video is to motivate people to act after watching your content, otherwise known as a call-to-action (CTA).

The good news is I have a free tip to drive call to action activity.

Are you ready?

Leave your CTA end graphic up for 30 to 60 seconds! Here’s why:

All too often content creators end videos with a 1 second logo and a homepage URL which doesn’t drive the desired behavior.

– It’s a passive suggestion vs. an active directive

– Chances are the homepage isn’t where you should send people

– If you have a long URL or a non-traditional spelling of your company name (Lyft?), people will sometimes need to go back, write the URL down and then retype it into their browser

– The auto play next video default sometimes presents a cat video which can distract potential customers from doing what you want them to do

– The next video served up could be your competition since the Google/YouTube algorithm suggest similar topics

Now you might be thinking, “I can make a play list and show other videos” but what’s more important, showing more videos or getting customers to buy?

Here’s one more bonus tip. Did you know you can make that last slide clickable and send people directly to a specific landing page on your website? No more retyping a URL, people reach you in one click. The feature has been around for a while but it can be a little confusing to set up.

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