Which is better, doing a live webinar or uploading a prerecorded presentation?


two boxers fighting representing live webinars and recorded presentations


We’ve put fingers to keyboard and complied a list of the plusses and minuses of the two approaches.

Live Webinar


– Real time interaction and engagement with your audience


– Phone connections can sound like tin cans

– Mistakes are live

– Poor attendance may reflect negatively on your team

– If you forget to say something, it may be lost to your live audience

– Technical difficulties are broadcast live and annoying to attendees

– If you have internet connection issues, the recorded archive of the presentation will be affected

Tip: Edit out housekeeping comments or technical glitches before sharing recorded webinars.

Recorded Presentation


– You can make it perfect and eliminate mistakes

– Sound quality is excellent

– Content is available 24/7, no need to depend on a live audience


– You won’t have live interaction but can encourage feedback and questions through existing channels when the audience views your content.

Tip: Add a clickable call-to-action link inside the video to direct people where you want them to go.

The best of both worlds!

Why not a combination of both approaches? You can interact with a live webinar audience but when it comes to the content portion, play a recorded presentation. Companies sometimes show videos during webinars, why not simply play a prerecorded presentation? Of course you will have to ask attendees to save their questions for the end but you should be doing that anyway.

Conclusion: There are always many options to sharing content and we’re here to help. Give a shout and we’ll help get it out.

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