Corporate Journalism, your lifeline to business growth

Imagine for a second you owned a newspaper. You have reporters hitting the streets finding and telling great stories. Publishing great stories leads to credibility which in turn increases subscribers and grows advertising revenue. If your reporters simply started writing articles about how wonderful your newspaper was, you’d quickly lose readership.

Strangely though, many companies embrace a “look at us” approach and share self-serving information about how wonderful they are. If you’re a news organization with this mantra, you won’t be viable for very long.

This approach is also mirrored in many business blogs, social posts and videos. Do companies think showing employees playing beer pong will build trust and increase sales? However, sharing a video of employees participating in a fund drive for a local charity could be a great thing that sets your company apart.

We maintain that the Five W’s of journalism also apply to company content creators.

Who: Identify the people or company since they’re an integral part of the story. Never take for granted who someone is no matter how famous they are.

What: Share content that is valuable to your audience. Chances are you have a variety of audiences and that means different kinds of content.

Where: The where “W” has become less critical with the increasing globalization of business. On the other hand, if you’re a local business, it’s extremely important to tell people where you are, especially for targeted, local, search engine results.

When: Time your stories appropriately. If you’re having a user conference, plan content that encourages people to attend and be sure to share follow up material as soon after it’s presented as possible.

Why: This is the most important to growing your business because it’s what action you want them to take after consuming your content. Direct people where and how they can learn more and get the conversation started.

Last but not least, a newspaper won’t survive just writing one story every few months. You need to provide a solid stream of great (not just good) information to your audience or you won’t survive. You’re not alone in this struggle and we’re here to help. We have an extensive background in telling great stories with video and know how to keep the presses rolling! Contact us today to learn more.
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