The other half of great content

There’s no doubt great content is a key driver for inbound marketing but there’s a critical second part to great content — a strong call-to-action.

CTAs are easy to forget because you’re so excited to be finished with content and eager to get it in front of your audience. And by strong CTA, we don’t mean your company homepage URL and phone number. Instead, consider these favorite tips to convert content readers into qualified sales pipeline.

– Make a landing page on your website that’s customized for your CTA.

Your homepage might look great but it might not be the best place to send a potential customer. Creating a custom landing page allows you to measure traffic and track conversion. That’s not always the case with a homepage. If you can’t easily make a custom page, consider sending people to your contact page to capture valuable visitor data, encourage folks to follow your company on social media or subscribe to your newsletter or blog.

– You’re not a library

It’s OK to sell along with your content, in fact, it’s expected. Think about all the times you wanted to get a demo of a product after reading the first few lines of a communication but then struggled to find the right person to speak with.

– Not everyone is a sales person

We love working with engineers and scientists, their often great resources of important information. They’re passion is their work so people shouldn’t be surprised that they aren’t sales people. Have your marketing people carefully review their content and identify areas to insert subtle selling opportunities. For instance, if your chemists are creating new, life saving drugs, consider adding a mechanism for people to purchase.

– Go beyond liking and sharing

Consider mentioning your product or service along with your like/share (if pertinent) and how it’s relevant to what you just read.

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