We don’t make movies


We work exclusively with business and broadcast networks to make news. When someone engages our services, they have stories to tell and not much time to do it. Our philosophy has always been efficiency. We get in and out quickly to reduce any disruptions during business hours, and then work hard to distribute the content to the appropriate channels.

There’s a growing trend where companies are persuaded to make their content look like a feature film. We can do that but don’t recommend it because it often looks too polished and can lack authenticity. Everything should have purpose. Save the dreamy looks for cause-based marketing or capital campaigns, and choose the “news look’ for timely and informative business communications.

We’re not looking to win awards for shooting or editing, we want to grow your profits by making laser-focused video content. There are some really great professionals out there who record weddings, birthdays and family events, but that’s never been us. If you need coverage for these kinds of events, we are always happy to make recommendations. Of course, if you need coverage of your C-level executives in the field or office, we’re here to help.

Contact us today and start making news.