LED Location Lighting: Faster, Better, Greener

So for anyone who’s ever been involved in a video shoot, you know there’s a lot of lighting involved. Indoor shooting, outdoor shooting, daytime or night, there are lights. Hot lights. Heavy lights. Lights with bulbs containing dangerous chemicals like mercury and phosphorous. What’s a video production company like Duchin Productions to do?
Invest in LED lighting, that’s what. You’ve probably heard the term LED lighting for some time now, but what’s it all about? Well, first off, LED stands for light-emitting diode. To fully explain that, we’d have to get into recombining electrons, a discussion of photons, and the nature of electroluminescence. Yawn.

LED lighting now being incorporated for location shooting

LED lighting now being incorporated for location shooting

Let’s just talk about why LEDs are better than traditional lights, shall we?

  • They’re extremely lightweight – fewer annoying baggage overweight fees when traveling
  • They consume very little power (no more blown circuits in old homes!)
  • They have low amperage demands, so no more heavy-duty, bulky extension cords
  • They’re daylight balanced, so there’s less need for applying time-consuming color-correction gels
  • They give off almost zero heat, so the talent is happier and there’s no more waiting for lamp cool-downs
  • They’re dimmable without significant color temperature shift
  • They can run off small, rechargeable batteries
  • They eliminate the need to carry proprietary, fragile, spare lamps (bulbs)

So LEDs are money-saving, frustration-eliminating, planet-bettering little wonders. And Duchin’s got ’em. Let us shoot your next video and you can see firsthand what we mean.
By: Duchin Productions