Who is Duchin

Jay Duchin Headshot 150_150Duchin Productions founder, Jay Duchin, has been hiding behind cameras since the late 1970s.  He’s frequently asked if he’s related to the famous pianist and band leader Eddie Duchin.  The answer is yes, but the relation is pretty distant.  His running joke for years has been “I can barely play the radio, never mind a piano.”

Truth be told, Jay always wanted to be a mechanical engineer; however after failing algebra twice, he had to go to plan “B” making videos.  This setback never stopped him from doing what he loved: creating and innovating.  In the early 1990’s Jay purchased a milling machine, so he could build his own custom camera mounts.  When Jay wanted something that didn’t exist, he would simply go into his workshop and build it from scratch.

Turns out video production and mechanical engineering have many similarities because most production locations have an array of physical and environmental challenges that must be resolved.  Being able to work with leading companies in the science and technology sectors, continues to be the most gratifying work for Duchin Productions.

Jay is an avid motorcyclist and he’s involved with numerous motorcycle safety and education programs.   In 2011, he co-founded New England Rider Training, a not-for-profit organization that trains riders to be better, safer and more confident motorcyclists.

Duchin Productions supports numerous charities, and Jay is a Trustee of the Children’s Center for Communications/Beverly School for the Deaf.