Meet Jeff


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Duchin Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce that Producer/Director Jeff Hoffman has joined the production team. Jeff has worked in California for many years and has lensed countless productions, from the Oscar nominated movie “Ray,” to television’s “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” Jeff recently settled back to the East coast to be closer to family and is excited to pursue new projects. “You’d be surprised to learn the many similarities that exist working with top actors and C level executives,” states Hoffman. At the end of the day, you have to tell a great story where the viewer is interested enough to watch to the end. Jay Duchin, company founder says, “It’s all about the call to action. Blockbuster films have movie trailers to drive people into the theaters and companies need video content to drive sales and branding awareness.”

Both Duchin and Hoffman agree it doesn’t matter if it’s Robert De Niro or CEO Bob in front of the camera. You have to treat everyone with identical respect and always be listening. Frequently when people learn about Jeff’s background, they’re a little intimidated by his experience, but after a few minutes working together, they realize what an asset he is to have on productions. Jeff will continue to operate his own company, Squashhouse Media. For Duchin and Hoffman, it’s all about collaboration, and they’ll be combining resources as much as possible going forward. Better than bacon? Find out for yourself and call today to learn how Jeff and Jay will move your company to the next level. or 978.338.5699