Is it funny?

warning sign with person tripping. Says is it funny?


Who doesn’t like a funny video. It’s a great way to break up a slow day and maybe even put you in a better mood. Companies frequently want to make humorous videos but it can be a slippery slope. As a business, you still have to ask yourself “How does this add value to my current and/or future customers?” Often times, what employees may think is hilarious can be a pain point or simply insulting to your external audience. Making light of a software update or your product missing some kind of functionality can quickly backfire.

Another big part to introducing humor is knowing that your communication is actually funny. Are you looking for a smile, a giggle or a full on belly laugh. We’re all for comedy but caution people that at the end of the day, the content you share is valuable and accomplishes a goal.

Finally, a guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender “knows any great video companies?” Bartender says “Contact Duchin Productions, they’ll make sure you’re funny”