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Cartoon of paper boy - read this now


Did this headline push you to learn more? The secret comes from the days of print journalism. Think back to some big news headlines over the years;

– The War is Over

– The Berlin Wall Falls

– Kim and Kanye Have a Baby (maybe not this one…)

News outlets didn’t lead with the name of the paper or boast about circulation rates. They led with the “Why.” Every second is precious when your audience is ready to listen. Think back to those old movies with the kid on the corner yelling “EXTRA,EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT…” followed by the big story of the day. He wasn’t yelling “READ THE NY TIMES, READ THE NY TIMES” because it wasn’t about the paper, it was about the top story.

The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by those over-the-top infomercial companies. They lead with a common pain point with the hopes of getting you hooked into buying the solution they’re selling.

“Tired of dirty dishes?”

“Want to make more money?”

These statements are probably true for most people and chances are good people will stay a few extra seconds to learn more. Of course if that same infomercial is shown again, you’re less interested and maybe more suspicious of what they’re promoting. This shows why you always need to create fresh content and to engage your audience.

Take a look at some of your recent press releases, blog posts and tweets. Was the opening line something like

“XYZ Inc. the leader in tech software is proud to announce….?”

Wouldn’t it be better to lead with:

“Fix all your computer problems with the latest update from XYZ inc.” 

In most cases, all it takes is moving a few sentences around. Seems trivial but why not give it a try with your next business communication. We’d love for you to report back and learn if your stories are now converting into sales. As a video producer, my goal is to help companies identify the most important parts of their content and lead with it. We’re here to help, whether it’s a quick question or you need a full video campaign to attract new business.


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