Every store needs salespeople but what about your corporate website?


Picture of checkout sales lines at grocery store


We’ve all been there. You go in to a great shop, find what you want but then struggle to find a cashier where you can pay?

Is your corporate website guilty of the same offense? It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a million dollar box or a $2 desk tchatcke, the transaction should be easy, intuitive and smooth. All too often marketing and sales is too focused on how things look at the expense of an easy purchase process.

At the same time, we have to be careful not to be the over-the-top sales person who jumps on top of you the second you walk in. Car dealerships and furniture stores are often guilty of this approach. Without realizing it, you could be doing the same thing with pop up chats or instant offers on your website. Help aid the buying process but don’t get in the way of it.

We put together a short website sales health check you may find useful.

1. Is there a “purchase now” button on every page.

It’s not always obvious on websites how to start the checkout procedure. Remember to use active wording such as “Add to cart” “Donate today”

2. Does the “Start your free trial” offer also have a “purchase now” link?

3. Is it easy to ask a question?

Has the phone number disappeared from your website? Sometimes people have very simple questions and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to jump through hoops to get an answer. The excuse has always been “it’s expensive to man a phone” but in the end, how expensive is it to lose a potential customer? Phone reps don’t need to know every answer but they must be able to connect your callers with someone who does.

4. Are you asking customers too many questions?

Customer data is great for so many reasons but asking too many questions at checkout can change someone’s mind about buying your product or service.

5. Have you been your own customer?

The best advice try your own purchase process. Can you ask simple questions, is it easy to purchase what you need, do you need more product information?

Customers are usually really excited once they receive your item, however questions inevitably come up during the “unboxing/installing” phase. FAQ pages and printed instructions are good but there’s nothing like watching someone else do it on video. The good news is these videos are often very simple to create and affordable.

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