Why your videos aren’t converting leads

Video can be a very powerful tool for getting new people into your sales funnel. In fact, many people discover new companies simply though a Google search when a video shows as a top result. Unfortunately, video content isn’t always taken seriously.  Frequently, companies choose to focus on internal content more suitable for employee recruitment, than customer acquisition. Does your prospect really want to watch your employees drink and play foosball on a Friday afternoon? Show prospects how you can help them solve a problem and generate more business.  Show the WIIFT (What’s in it for THEM) factor as soon as possible.  And don’t forget to include a strong call to action (CTA).

There are some great new ways to embed CTA links inside videos that will drive prospective customers exactly where you want them. Don’t just tell people to visit xyz.com, include a link to get them engaged immediately while they’re interested.  This is also helpful because people don’t need to remember and re-type complicated web address, they just click. A quick tip is make sure you leave the ending links and CTA up long enough so people can read and click the information. Our rule of thumb is keep it up on screen for at least thirty seconds.

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