Why I no longer “Like”? on Linkedin

As we all know, LinkedIn gives you three options when you see content: Like, Comment or Share. It recently occurred to me that commenting is the only valuable option to both the audience and content creator.

Why does anyone really care if I simply like something? If I don’t include a reason along with the praise, it’s really just adding noise to an already cluttered business platform. Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate it when someone likes a blog post or Linkedin article. But what means more is when someone tells me why they liked it or specifically what they liked about it.

A “Share” is almost as bad as a like unless you explain why you’re sharing. The reader can of course see what your sharing but unless you explain why it’s share-worthy, the share just adds more noise. Most importantly, if you offer products or services related to the share, be sure to include a call-to-action to get a conversation started.

Similarly, when you comment, it lets your clients and prospective customers know why you find certain information valuable and gives people insights on why people might want to work with you.

So don’t just “like” someone’s content – tell all your friends and business associates why you find value in it and how others can benefit.

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