Showing just words in videos?


You just spent weeks with a designer animating impactful words to communicate a message using video. You even spent hours looking for just the right piece of music to complement it. For certain audiences this might be fine, but if you’re posting your video on the web, you need to consider a few more steps.



Chances are, you want Google to find your content, but Google can read graphics. The good news is it can read words when properly presented. One of the best ways is with a captioning file. Creating a caption file of the identical on-screen words will get your video message indexed and searchable.


Your on screen text might be easy to see on a massive TV but will it be legible on a small mobile device? If you have a narrator read the words, the viewer doesn’t have to struggle to comprehend your message.


There are some web video platforms that can detect if the sound is off. If it is, it will often display captions. Be careful when creating your content so that doesn’t get obstructed if the captions are suddenly being displayed.

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