Sales Pipeline Plumber

Are your leads not flowing in?

Prospects dripping away because your SDRs are under water? Are your customers spilling away to your competition?

Let video be your 24/7 pipeline plumber, ready to work on all stages of your sales funnel. It works for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts and can make the job of your entire sales team easier.

Lets take a fun look at a home plumbing system. There’s supply (water entering your home), distribution (getting water where it needs to go) and waste, (those nasty bits you don’t want ruining your fresh water supply). Your SDRs need a great set of tools to keep the pipeline operational and the sales flowing through your company. Having the right tool for the job is important for any plumber so they can fix things quickly. The same is true for companies. You need to have a variety of videos to convey what your company does, how your products and services solve problems and lastly, what segments of the market you serve to prevent tire kickers from wasting your SDRs’ time.

We believe every company should have a series of videos to address each section of your sales funnel.

Top of funnel:

A great company overview video should explain what your business does in a short amount of time. It’s almost like a giant sponge, soaking up folks and wringing them out into your funnel

Middle of funnel:

Prospects have questions and they want to be sure you are right for them. Customer testimonial and explainer videos can help here. Think about an FAQ video area that has answers to common questions for advanced users but also a place where people can ask more specific questions. This may be the best place for people to request demos and involve a sales person to help them evaluate your product.

Bottom of funnel:

Once your have your customers, they still have needs. Videos keep people up to date on the latest product enhancements and developments of your services. Be sure to make it all about them and not self-serving.

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