Humiliation for a great cause

Most of my LinkedIn connections only know me professionally as a video producer. On a personal note, I’m involved with a litany of causes to help people.

This year, I’ve been able to combine my love of engineering and building with one of the organizations I support, however it does involve an extremely high level of embarrassment.

This is my third year competing in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire Sprint. Now here’s the catch. Sneakers are not allowed. All entrants must wear stilettos with a minimum 3” heel height. My performance in past years has been pretty awful but this year, I’ve created a secret weapon. After many hours of cutting, welding, brazing, designing and machining, I’ve made my own shoes that will surely give me an advantage (shoes in photo are early stage prototypes).

Why do I do this?

I believe we all need to humble ourselves and remember how fortunate we are. This event pushes me outside my comfort zone and allows me to do good while embarrassing myself.

Please consider sponsoring my sprint effort. A $50 donation not only benefits a great local cause, it also gets your name on the shoes!