Five signs you made your own video

Everyone loves video but there are the occasions where creating it is best left to professionals. In fact, in some cases, poor quality video can hurt vs. help your business. We’ve identified five factors every video creator should solve before attempting to make their own content.



1. Earthquakes

Shaky footage can easily be avoided by using a tripod. Many cameras have really wonderful image stabilization but there’s really no substitute for a solid shot from a good tripod.

2. Nose hair

Using the built in camera on your laptop is great for making quick videos but consider putting a few books under your computer to raise it up. The low angle shot that is created without raising it is not exactly flattering. Ideally, want to put your webcam lens to be at eye level.

3. WHAT?

There’s almost no excuse for poor audio. There are some great plug in microphones for about $20 that will get you sounding fantastic. Of course if you’re trying to talk at a rock concert, consider recording your video at a different location.

4. Hostage?

Recording yourself backed up against a plain white wall will make your viewers think you’re asking for a ransom. Moving just a few feet away from that white wall will quickly get things looking better. A company logo on a banner stand is also a nice addition and adds instant branding to your content.

5. “OK, go”

How often have you heard someone say “OK, go” at the start of a web video? Video editing can be a challenge for people but trimming video clips is a piece of cake! Many web streaming platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo even let you do it after you’ve uploaded everything.

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