A retainer for video?

You have retainers with your PR and Ad agencies because these services are vital to your business. You already know video is a great way to engage your audience, so why not consider a video retainer with Duchin Productions to stay top of mind with your market.

Creating regular video content can be a struggle but with our new retainer service it’s easier and cheaper because we offer it at a reduced cost compared to our traditional services. Below are some suggestions of how your business could benefit from our video retainer program.

Video blog posts

Quality blog posts are critical to being found on Google. Video versions of new or existing posts give them a turbo boost for search engine results.

Product updates

A review of a software update is often more dynamic in video vs. static content. With video you can convey your message in less time than it takes to read and who doesn’t want to save time today?

Executive updates

Does your top leadership want to connect on a more personal lever with employees or customers? Short video clips help maintain executive engagement and visibility.

Training and education

Rarely does everything stay the same for very long. Video tips or “factoids” have proven to be extremely helpful.

Customer testimonials

Nothing beats hearing directly from a customer about how your product or services helps them become more successful.

Contact us today to learn more about our program and how you can get your content pipeline flowing.