Video Length Matters, however…

Graph showing decline with video duration


It’s no secret that keeping videos short is a good thing. Once you add in your opening branding and a solid call-to-action, the actual content gets even shorter. Now here’s the kicker, we feel a video need to be as long as it needs to be. For instance, if there’s a one hour video that shows you how to fix your car and avoid a $2,000 car repair, there’s a good chance you will be watching the entire video.

When you have a long format video to share, it’s sometimes good to break it up into sections. Each video could have a slightly different marketing message and also allows viewers to go to sections they’re most interested in. Lastly, it can help with your viewing analytics because you might end up with four videos that people watch until the end vs. one long video where folks drop off early.

The following link gets into more detail on the subject.

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