A logo is not a call to action!


If you’re really lucky, people may watch your video content to the very end. This is the time to encourage viewers to take the next steps whether it’s selling a product or inviting them to contact you for something specific. Ending with just a logo might help your branding, but it does nothing for customer engagement.

We recommend all videos conclude with an active call-to-action. The phrase “for more information” doesn’t drive people to take the next step. Using wording like “contact us today” is a direct request for people to engage with you.  We also encourage customers to use more than just a website homepage for the CTA.  Consider having your web team make a custom offer page that you can modify with timely information such as events or special promotions.  Sending people to a homepage might require extra clicks to get them to where they want to go and frustrate them.

Many of us add social media sites in our email signature files, so why not include that data on the ending CTA graphic? It’s easy to forget all the ways customers can engage with businesses and encouraging viewers to like/follow/join can be really great for landing the next big client.

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