Challenges of video recording in Anechoic chambers

Anechoic ChamberIt’s no secret that we love science and technology.  On this particular day, we knew we’d be shooting some RFID technology but we didn’t know we’d have to shoot inside an Anechoic chamber.  We’ll skip the details on what the room is and just tell you it’s really, really, really quiet inside.  This particular room was filled with pointed foam acoustic tiles everywhere.  This might not seem like too much of a problem until you consider lighting.  Normally we have lots of flat floor to place our hot lights however this was far from the case.  A combination of reflector cards and special floor mounts were used to illuminate the space and get things looking great.  Some might think “why didn’t you just point a light at them”  This technique makes for a very hard light with lots of ugly shadows not to mention is uncomfortable for on-camera spokespeople.  Whenever possible we try to bounce light onto subjects which give a soft and appealing look to both people and products.