Choosing a background for your next video shoot.

An important thing to consider for any video shoot is the background choice. Not every location has an ideal room for shooting so in many instances, we create a background. Once we learn about a project, we try to determine what the background should be and then see if it exists at the shoot location. Unfortunately, even if the perfect spot is available, it might be near an area that is too noisy or not big enough to fit all the equipment. Not every project has the budget to bring in a set decorator to “prop” a location, so it’s important to be flexible on smaller budget shoots.
The photos below show some popular looks along with some of the requirements necessary to make them happen. (The faces and some of the background elements are blurred to protect client privacy.)

Library Look:
This type of location, which evokes a warm, intimate environment, looks nice on camera but it’s often difficult to find this on site. And while the cozy vibes works for just about any kind of interview, in this case the large room which is normally a plus, caused some sound distortion. Keep in mind that there are often trade-offs you need to consider, so be sure to think through all the location implications. Fortunately the pluses outweighed the minuses in this example and we came up with workarounds (a low music bed) to deal with the sound issues.

Textured Backdrop:
Believe it or not, these three images all use the exact same backdrop. The color is achieved simply by changing the color of the back light. This is a really simple approach and does a great job of transforming an ugly room. The one thing to remember is this requires a good sized space to fit the necessary support and extra lighting equipment.

White Limbo:
If you’ve ever seen an Apple commercial, you’re familiar with this look. It can also be done in black but we frequently prefer the white approach. Just like the textured backdrop, this also requires a good deal of space and additional lights to achieve. People around the set must be extra careful not to dirty the background material.

Green Screen:
Selecting a background for your next video production.Chromakey or green screen shooting can be a really great option for clients. It gives you the flexibility to put a subject in front a wide array of environments. However, as you can see in the photo, it sometimes requires an assortment of specialized equipment and lighting. Be sure to take the time to set things up just right, to ensure good results.

The Plant:
If you’ve exhausted all your options, there’s always a plant. Adding a colorful background element like a plant can really make the difference between a bland, boring background and something with just that little extra. The photo is from a shoot in a hotel and the flowers were borrowed from an event that had just finished up in another room.

As always, we’re just a phone call or email away if you have questions or would like to schedule a shoot of your own.