Create employee video testimonials to attract top talent

200160InterviewEmployee Just about everyone today understands the value of customer testimonials. There’s really nobody better to convince prospective buyers that you offer great products and services than your own happy customers. The same is true when it comes to hiring great people. Let them hear directly from engaged employees about your inviting culture, opportunities for growth and generous benefits. It’s a lot more powerful and credible than simply reading it in a recruitment brochure.

Our recommendation is to interview both mid-level employees and executives. Their energy and excitement can be contagious and have a very positive impact on your prospective employees that differentiates you from other companies. You can get a lot mileage from the completed testimonials and feature them on your corporate website, in marketing materials and on social media sites. If you do business with a company, isn’t it nice to know that they treat their employees with respect and dignity, and in return their employees respect them.

The following link will take you to a recruiting video we created for a client:

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